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with on-demand publishing assistance from Elder Eye Institute & creative products from Saga Hill Studio

Our designer and art director, Wendy J. Johnson, focuses her design eye on a creative approach that doesn’t forsake legibility. Her in-depth and ongoing research in the subject of universal design, has proven that legible design is good communication. As Wendy says, “When design is illegible, the viewer will ignore it since it is simply too difficult to read or make sense. But legible design is not ignored. It is not only easier to see but also enables communication on a subconscious level since it encourages meaning at a single glance. It's very simple—legible design is good design.”

Wendy's vast and varied experience in all aspects of design: from print and media; to web and 3-D design—including many years in project management and as a business entrepenueur—make her a valuable and creative resource for her clients.

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View POV's Web Design at: SagaHill.comElderEye.comTheJourneyHome.us • and this Points Of View Inc. website

View books that Wendy has designed and coordinated under her publishing service, Elder Eye Press – her on-demand “concierge” publishing business.

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Elder Eye Institute & the Saga Hill Design Studio may be visited at these pages:

Elder Eye Institute

Through our Elder Eye™ Institute branch of Points Of View, we consult on effective, inclusive design for the aging eye and all eyes; provide "concierge" style book publishing assistance; and offer VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses for vision empathy and training. Learn more at www.ElderEye.com.

Saga Hill Design Studio

Saga Hill Design is the creative products and studio branch of our Points Of View family. You can visit Saga Hill and its fiber arts retail store and studio at www.SagaHill.com.